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What editors, writers, professors, and speakers are saying about Vicki's speaking topics, writing, and workshops:

"Your workshops are popular...your willingness to provide critiques shows how devoted you are to helping children's authors develop their skills." ~ Brenda Covert, Write2Ignite

"Vicki, each of your letters reads like a story--a polished publishable story and you have me in stitches--one of the few times I have laughed in a month or two. Like a yarn, your letters have breaks or chapters, each building up to the grand finale. And, of course, you can find humor in everything. I wish I had your talent here. I don't know what it is about your writing that just pulls me into the story. Now after reading and studying your wonderful website I see every word you write as a feeling in itself--this deep emotion. You've opened up a whole new world to me. It is as if God sent you to show me that there is still a world out there and that I need to get back on track again. The blog is your world, but it is for everyone. You really do weave all the elements together--photography, the comments of others. I can see why that guy [Vietnam Vet] cried after reading your story, "Rendezvous with Destiny." When you said God has you writing for Him, you were only half right. God has you writing for Him AND for all of us. I was mesmerized by everything you penned." ~ John Koblas -- historian, poet, and author of 69 books -- Confessions of the Ninth Man, Let Them Eat Grass -- 1862 Sioux Uprising Trilogy -- http://www.johnkoblas.com/miscellaneous#!

"Vicki, I have taken some time to read your blog. I read the first page of Shakespeare's Pink Cadillac and laughed out loud. Then I ran across a brief article on your blog and laughed so hard. But, I absolutely loved "The Magnolia Hum." I can't believe you wrote that in two days. It is absolutely beautiful! I will continue to explore your blog. It is very professional and well done." ~ Patricia Tilton, journalist and children's writer

"The children of this generation are so intelligent that when a speaker is transparent it helps them to relate to what a speaker or writer is trying to get across. As Vicki spoke to our 2nd-5th grades during our recognition of National Prayer Day at Hickory Valley Christian School, she did just that. By sharing her own personal experience of how she knew she was to be a writer at an early age, our students were encouraged to dream and see what plan God had for their lives. She also painted visual portraits of how she rode a horse and experienced deep sea snorkeling and diving. These life experiences challenged our children to take on tasks that might be scary to them but not impossible. In addition, she pointed out how she used photography in her writing. Although not all of our students may be writers or photographers, once again they were reminded that we are all blessed with a unique gift and we can begin using that gift at an early age." ~ Debbie Grimes, Math, Science, and Bible teacher, Hickory Valley Christian School, Chattanooga, TN

"Hi Vicki, I just visited your lovely website. Your 'about me' page was wonderfully written and inspirational. I don't often stop to read peoples bios or look at too many sites, but was drawn to yours. I know the Lord had me there to be reminded about hearing His 'still, small voice' in the small things. Blessings on your day". ~ Diane Markins -- business woman and author of Women in High Def. You'll find her work at CBN.com, The Presidential Prayer Team.com and a variety of print publications. http://www.WordsInHighDef.blogspot.com

"Vicki, I visited your site this afternoon. It reminded me of a lovely walk through many enchanted forests. You're a writer, poet, and artist for sure. Be blessed." ~ Catherine Terry -- writer

"Vicki, I am a Precepts leader and thought you might like to know I was very moved by your piece "Rendezvous With Destiny." Thank you for writing it. You have motivated me to read my father's memoirs which he wrote in 1981, but I have never read them through. You never know when you might move someone to action. Thank you - In Him" ~ Connie Tipton, Precept Ministries International Leader, Ohio

"Wow! Thank you so much Vicki for all of the valuable information [at the Southeastern Christian Writers Conference]. I was truly blessed by your writing. I pray that God will continue to give you revelation and fresh insight as you share your gifts with His people." ~ Connie Strickland, writer

"Vicki - Tom and I both have enjoyed your book very much. What a great help to beginning and struggling writers. I always enjoy whatever you send to us. I don't remember if there have been things we couldn't use. If there were and they were returned, it was with regret." ~ Marilyn Edwards, editor -- Boys' Quest, Fun for Kidz, and Hopscotch Magazines, The Bluffton News.

"Good afternoon, Vicki! I am so glad we were able to schedule your coming. The students loved your visit and talked about it all day yesterday. I think they loved your stories of exploring new places and trying new things; you truly have been so adventurous throughout your life! The students also loved seeing the crafts that you yourself had created. I think any class would be fortunate to hear your presentation." ~ Stephanie Smith, Third Grade teacher, Oak Hill School, Nashville, TN

"Vicki, as I read your blog, I see that you know how to weave your writing and photography so smoothly that you appear as an artist combining colors of every hue and ending up with a wonderful tapestry. Your words flow together so evenly without any awkward trace. The stories spill out on paper like you're speaking to each of us. How To Write For Kids' Magazines, reveals this same kind of delivery on paper as it does in your speaking. You've modeled and used samples to illustrate how you wrote to explain what was involved. And your tips throughout the book will sell an article if one can apply them. Your voice speaks through the pieces and I can see why you're able to sell articles to children's magazines. If writers need a good belly laugh as they struggle to sell some stories, they need to buy this book to hear what makes Vicki tick." ~ Irmgard Williams -- writer, speaker, adjunct professor at Trevecca Nazarene University and retired elementary teacher with many published articles, devotions , poetry and curriculum on assignment

"Vicki, you remain the best conference speaker I've ever heard! Victoria Ryan of the Mad Anthony conference came through my grocery store line earlier this year and the only question I had for her was 'WHEN CAN WE GET VICKI MOSS BACK??!!!' So you see I remain your biggest fan!" ~ Elaine Bridge -- writer, blogger (aheart4heaven.blogspot.com)

"Vicki, you should be getting your 'score' from our evaluation cards. You were well-liked." ~ Victoria Ryan, Mad Anthony Writers Conference

"Hi Vicki! The Conference was terrific. One of the best parts was meeting you and some of the other ladies. If not before, I hope to see you next year. BTW, your class was inspiring and informative. Thank you!!" ~ Phillis Lancaster, writer

"Thank you for the valuable information you shared recently in Cleveland at the Southeastern Christian Writers conference. I learned oodles and am excited about revising my piece on shape shifting. You gave me lots of ideas." ~ Carol Gallimore, writer

Book Reviews: How to Write for Kids' Magazine

"A very handy book for unpublished writers wanting to write for children. It's not easy to break into the publishing world. But Vicki Moss leads writers through the process of writing and submitting fiction, non-fiction and poetry for children's magazines. Vicki knows the market and ways to break in. She has an abundance of ideas, suggestions, examples and tips she's learned through her own experiences of writing for children's magazines. Great book for every aspiring writer's toolbox...and humorous. Agents and publishers want to see the writer's platform. What better way to develop a platform than writing for childrens' magazines. This is a one-of-a-kind book packed with useful advice!" ~ Patricia Tilton (Five Star review)

"[How to Write for Kids' Magazines] is a great beginning for anyone interested in writing for children's magazines. The author includes samples from her own published works in kids' magazines. She gives advice: in what publishers want, in researching for your writing topic, organization, submitting photographs, choosing a title, rejection. She writes that writers must grow thick skin in order to deal with rejection. 'Never forget perseverance is the key, work on the craft.' My favorite chapter was The Bones of Writing. In this chapter she talks on a issue I do not hear as much about in writing circles--because everyone wants to be the next great writer, she writes about the pay. Most writers are not going to be a best selling novelist. Vicki gives an exact amount of what to expect in writing a kids' magazine article. At the end of the book is a lengthy list of children's magazines to write for including their website information." ~ Annette Kristynik (Miss Daisy Ann blogspot)

"Hi Vicki, I have enjoyed How To Write For Kids Magazines. Tuesday night I shared it with my writing group and told them there were many lessons to learn from this delightful book. We discussed a few and those in attendance went away with title in hand. Because you have written in layman's language, many will benefit from what you gleaned through your experiences. God bless your time in speaking and writing for Him." ~ Joy to You, Mary Brawner -- writer, speaker, graduate of Christian Communicators

"Vicki, thank you again for your insights in the "Finding Your Voice" class at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference (BRMCWC) today. I gained a great deal of insight from the presentation. In addition to giving information, you made the learning non-threatening and enjoyable. For the first time I really understood Voice and what it means to my writing. I am looking forward to seeing/interacting with you in the future. Blessings, Carolyn" (Dr. Carolyn Adams Roth ~ The past cannot be changed; The future is whatever you want it to be.)

"Dear Vicki: Your class ("How to Find Your Voice") was so great, I really appreciate your insight and encouragement."~ Charlotte Ware Epley, Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference ~Writer godasagardener.com

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