Vicki is an award winning author, speaker, writing workshop instructor and a freelance editor.

A previous pundit for American Daily Herald, she's published over 600 articles and stories in her newspaper column, childrens' and adults' magazines, and books.

Pleased to announce the latest Christian nonfiction book co-authored with Natalie Banda: Nailed It!: The Nail Salon Chronicles.

See Vicki's July 8, 2018 blog for more details or go to Amazon.com to read the back book cover. This book can be read as an enjoyable read or used as a Bible study with questions in the back to ponder. Enjoy!

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My students ask, "What is voice and how do you get it?" New York Times best selling author, Lee Smith, says about my writing, "Vicki mixes hilarity with true faith and in her memoir piece, I don't know if she's going to get raptured or not, but she sure can write! I'm looking forward to this collection, because in my own mind, Voice is the single most important element in prose narrative, fiction or non-fiction. And unfortunately, it's almost impossible to teach. The only way I've ever been able to do that is to give my students some good examples to read--so it'll be great to have a whole collection. Vicki has us in the palm of her hand."

Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine Susan Reichert says, "Not only does Vicki have the talent to make her words come alive, but she uses her gifts to help others learn the art of writing Voice. She breathes life into her characters, captures strong emotion through feelings and sentiments, and conveys depth through expressive description. Vicki brings words to life and makes them dance on the page."

Emily Sue Harvey, author of Cocoon and former president of Southeastern Writers Association says about Writing with Voice, "Extraordinary talent resonates from Vicki Moss's writing. So does her humor! Her's is a voice readers will increasingly respect and love. Writing with Voice is as illuminating as it is absorbing and entertaining. Moss's propensity to tap into the human spirit will keep readers turning the pages for more as she continues to grace us with her bounty. A must read for any writer serious about perfecting their writing craft."


"How To Write For Kids' Magazines"
- while working on a debut novel

(includes 18 previously published stories and lots of writers tips - available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books-a-Million, Landmark Booksellers in Franklin, TN

"Vicki - Tom and I both have enjoyed your book very much. What a great help to beginning and struggling writers. I always enjoy whatever you send to us. I don't remember if there have been things we couldn't use. If there were and they were returned, it was with regret." - Marilyn Edwards, editor - Boys' Quest, Fun for Kidz, and Hopscotch Magazines.
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Now available on Kindle through Amazon and Barnes and Noble

~Making Sense of the Boston Marathon Bombings


If you need a speaker/teacher for church groups, ladies retreats, or writing conferences, please click on my speaker topics button above where you'll be magically whisked off to a page of various topics. If you don't find the subject you're looking for, trust that if I've lived this long and I'm still standing, I can talk about most anything. People either laugh, cry, or both and tend to say I'm entertaining. If you're not magically whisked off -- let me know -- in an imperfect world, the link could be broken.

*she says while grinning big and tipping her hat*

Does God love us and is He really available for us today?

To find out, read twenty-four of my inspirational stories published in Romantic Moments, Remembering Christmas, Moments with Billy Graham, Cool-inary Moments, Merry Christmas Moments, Loving Moments, Why? Titanic Moments, Divine Moments, Christmas Moments, Spoken Moments, Precious Precocious Moments, More Christmas Moments, Stupid Moments, Additional Christmas Moments, and Can, Sir!; With God's Help, I Can Do This

compiled and edited by Yvonne Lehman, Grace Publishing.

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Vicki is the former Editor-at-Large and Contributing Editor of Southern Writers Magazine for eight years. She blogged frequently for the Southern Writers Magazine Suite T blog and was also a pundit for the American Daily Herald. Vicki's a popular speaker and workshop teacher at writers conferences. She continues to write fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and enjoys visiting schools to encourage kids to become writers.

American Christian Fiction Writers

Roisin Dubh

(pronounced "rosheen dove" - meaning black rose/Ireland) a chapbook of 32 poems related to Ireland with tributes to some of Ireland's writers. Email vmoss@livingwaterfiction for a PDF.

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