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Posted July 18, 2012


Today, I raced through Walmart's doors with one thing on my mind. Getting a photo blown up for a new book I'm working on--WRITING WITH VOICE. Nothing was going to deter me from my mission. I thought.


Back to school supplies were already on display. Scads of notebooks, pencils, Elmer's glue, staplers, etc. Nope. Couldn't entice me. I no longer had kids in school. No prominent displays would make me purchase one fat pencil eraser. I was going to hit Walmart and not buy anything but a photo. Walking through with blinders on--ya hear me?

But wait a minute. Back up. I spotted those inexpensive black and white marbled Mead Composition Books I used for journals that were two dollars or more at other office supply stores and one dollar at The Dollar General. My flippy-floppies left skid marks on the tile as I wheeled around to check out prices. I could always use more journaling books down the road.

Who knew? The muse might decide to return with a vengeance or at least frappé me into a froth. Until then I could always keep recording my electric dreams. But what were Walmart prices on composition books compared to office supply stores anyway?

I couldn't believe my eyes. 50 cents for one journal. What costs fifty pennies anymore? This was like a marble mine and I'd just hit the mother lode. In the dark ages, you could buy an entire book of Life Savers for half a dollar. But now, what can be purchased for two quarters? When I was in second grade, I hoped the person who drew my name for a Christmas gift bought me the book of Life Savers since our Christmas present budget was exactly fifty cents. But no. I received a Twas the Night Before Christmas book. Already knew the plot. My mouth had watered for a week hoping for that other book. Another story for another time. But an entire book of Life Savers--half a buck? Not anymore. Therefore, these Wide Ruled Marbled Meads were a *treasure trove.* One hundred sheets and 200 pages. Woot! I may be preaching any minute now--can anyone give me an Amen?

And there were tons of them. I could buy all I wanted. I stood knee deep in composition books that held clean lined paper. Pristine. Not the first ink smudge, chocolate smear, coffee stain, sweet tea swirl, or Cheetos trail. I'd never seen so many in one place at one time. It was like a compo-book convention with a free Ferris wheel ride--motor broke with me stuck on high. Too tempting. I could stock up until I was looking at the other side of the grass for that price.

Gathering up several books in my arms and clutching them close to my heart, I spotted something else of interest. Someone was staring me down. Flirting at me with smoldering eyes. Now listen here--I don't usually go to Walmart to be stalked. I couldn't believe it! Right before me stood--you're not going to believe this! Justin Bieber! The one and only…*me trying not to faint*… THE ONE and ONLY JUSTIN BIEBER!

to be continued next week - stay tuned

Comments anyone?

I loved it! I can never see those composition books without thinking about you, after taking your class!!! PERFECT for journaling, and I remember how you showed us yours, with all kinds of "stuff" stapled to the pages. Personally, I love the "filled" journal so much better than the pristine variety! Bring on the ink smudges, coffee stains, cookie crumbs...the ones filled with a writer's LIFE as well as her words! Oh, you wrote about it so well! WalMart should pay you a commission...I'm heading there tomorrow now, myself! Thanks for sharing! Love you! ~Elaine Bridge

Ha-ha! Forgot I showed my classes my journals - you saw the good, the bad, and the ugly. And yes, run out and get those while they're on sale! Part Two to the blog article will be posted next week. I really enjoy your blog Elaine, and love you too! Keep writing!

Just read it and LOL'd at the visual imagery. It must be a writer 'thang' because I have to be sedated when school supplies hit the shelves. We are still working our way through pencils I bought 5 years ago and composition notebooks/college ruled paper I bought 3 years ago. I'm trying to make the change to Evernote. I make real progress until I hear a siren's song coming from the office. Yea. It's the notebooks. Maybe we could start a 12-step program?~Carol Anne Swett

It is amazing how I cruised the school supply shelves. I agree Carol Anne, must be an addiction because we've done it so long. I too tried Evernote and then forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me. I'll have to go take a look again.

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